The pleasure of flying over the water

The Overboat is a clean and quiet personal watercraft. It is equipped with the latest technologies of automated hydrofoils and electric propulsion,
With the Overboat we can all fly over the water.

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Electronically stabilized flight (fly by wire)

The Overboat is stabilized by 4 electronically controlled foils. Flying effortlessly becomes possible thanks to the unique combination of 3 advanced technologies.

An ecological delight

    • A 60% reduction in energy requirement : only the hydrofoils and legs are in the water once the boat has taken off.
    • An electric motor with direct drive which, at equal power, consumes 3 times less energy than a heat engine.
    • A lighter platform, the floats simply having a role of buoyancy when stationary and for take-off.
  • An electric foil boat consumes only 20% of the energy consumed by the same outboard motor boat… and with zero noise and zero polluting emissions in the water.

Multiple uses

Are you a sailor?

Discover the personal watercraft of the future : the pleasure of gliding, ecology in addition

  • Live pleasant sensations and in silence ; the glide even without wind!
  • Easy access to coastal islands
  • Become an ecotourist, with a boat that can navigate protected sites

Are you a professional?

Our flying boat is ideal for : yatcht clubs, marine parks, port surveillance

  • Economical in use : no operating costs (fuel, etc.),
  • Practical : light, quiet, stable, high on the water
  • Ecologically sound : no polluting emissions, no noise

Technical data

  • Caractéristiques
  • Performances
  • Prix et CGV
    Prix et CGV
Approved in category D (classification as hydroptere in French legislation), the Overboat allows a stabilized flight thanks to four electronically controlled hydrofoils.
Dimensions :
Longueur : 3,10 m
Largeur : 1,35 m
Poids à vide : 100 kg
Moteur électrique : 4,5kW (utilisable sans permis bateau)
Retractable hydrofoils that can be used in shallow waters
Top speed : 15 knots, take-off speed: 7.5 knots
Direct drive and high efficiency motor
Battery life of 2 hours at 11 knots, 70Ah, 48V batteries
Currently available a single-seater Overboat, no need of a sailing licence
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Automated and retractable foils

The second generation foils lift the boat completely out of the water with better profiled “vertical” legs that take up less space under the boat. These are real underwater wings capable, with speed, of lifting the machine to which they are attached. In the opinion of all experts, the so-called inverted T profile is by far the most efficient for a mechanically propelled boat
Why ? The horizontal plane is the best way to support a machine (like the wings of planes). The vertical foil leg reduces drag and limits the ventilation phenomena (turbulence on the surface which draws air down the leg and can create a drop in the foil (loss of lift).
Our patented automatic regulation technology is the most efficient with inverted T foils. Indeed, this limits the forces involved. In the field of robotics and mechatronics, it is important to limit the efforts to be made, because this reduces the size of the actuators and increases their reliability. We have created an automatic system that is light, robust and efficient